Mary Mod Motif Jersey Shirt

There never seems to be enough time to soak up all sunny days have to offer, but this easy-care shirt supports your efforts, with 50+ UPF protection, stretch and groovy mod print.

Angel Coastal Geo Jersey Dress

Ready to go coastal, this easy-care dress keeps your priorities straight, easily unpacked with instant finesse. This popover has a fun geo print and playful bracelet sleeves, with sun protection to boot. Enjoy your flight!

Angel Crocodile Jersey Dress

Perfect for sunning sessions, this croc-print dress protects as it impresses, with built-in UPF protection to block harmful rays. Easy care stretch knit makes popping it over a suit or out of your travel bag a snap.

Angel Floral Geo Jersey Dress

A popover for playing in the sun, this easy-care dress protects while it impresses with its gorgeous geo print stretch fabric blocking rays with UPF 50+.

Angel Plus Crocodile Jersey Dress

Lounging in the sun comes naturally to this croc-print plus size dress, made with protective UPF stretch fabric to block harmful rays. Easy care is part of this pretty pop-over package, too, ready for brunch to beach transitions.

Angel Plus Coastal Geo Jersey Dress

Vacation is all that’s ever wanted with this popover dress in tow. This plus size’s easy-care stretch geo fabric exudes an oceanic air, building in UPF 50+ sun protection to block those rays.

Mary Plus Coastal Geo Jersey Shirt

The dream of bottomless, turquoise waters is never far away wearing this plus size easy-care shirt. Ready for sun and surf, its stretch geo fabric is perfectly packed for getaways, and protects from harmful rays with UPF 50+.

Mary Plus Patchwork Jersey Shirt

There’s a playful spirit that beaches and boats bring out in us. This plus size easy-care shirt exists for just these types of adventures. The stretch UPF fabric’s energetic patchwork print protects from harmful rays, never losing its polish.

Angel Swirling Slopes Jersey Dress

Riding the line between work and weekend, this botanical-print easy care dress builds UPF sun protection and easygoing stretch into its elegant silhouette’s repertoire.

Angel Plus Floral Geo Jersey Dress

You go-go, girl. With a groovy geo print, UPF 50+ protection and dreamy stretch, this easy-care plus size dress makes the perfect sunny popover.

Mary Floral Geo Jersey Shirt

Stretch jersey with sun protection built right in, this geo print shirt puts the fun in sun. Pack this easy-care to go anywhere, its dreamy drape indulging from weekend sails to equatorial destinations.

Mary Tropics Jersey Sleeveless Shirt

Here comes summer! This easy care sleeveless shirt turns days on the water into a style statement with its bold palm print. The 50+ UPF sun protection and stretch jersey knit suits this top to tropical trips and watery adventures.

Angel Tropics Jersey Sleeveless Dress

Head right from poolside to dinner is pretty easy with this sleeveless dress. Easy care and elegant all at once, its sun protection comes in-disguise, its palm-leaf stretch fabric boasting 50+ UPF for sun protection.

Angel Plus Mod Motif Jersey Dress

Groovy and gorgeous, this mod print plus size dress in your repertoire sets you up for both sunny destinations or dinner dockside. Easy-care UPF 50+ stretch fabric keeps its polish with simply a wash.

Mary Plus Tropics Jersey Sleeveless Shirt

This plus size sleeveless shirt’s bold palm leaf print is just the beginning of its easy care story. Ready for travel and trips to the beach, it’s made with stretch jersey knit that builds in 50+ UPF for sun protection anywhere you roam.

Angel Plus Swirling Slopes Jersey Dress

Both elegant and built for fun, this plus size easy care dress beautifully integrates UPF sun protection and go-anywhere comfort into its finely etched botanical print profile.

Angel Plus Tropics Jersey Sleeveless Dress

It’s ready, set, and stun-in-the-sun with this sleeveless dress. Elegantly easy care, its palm print stretch fabric comes with 50+ UPF sun protection that makes moving from poolsides to parties effortless.


Easy Care

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