Comfortable, Versatile, Carefree

Crowd-Pleasing Corduroy

Foxcroft Corduroy


A lightweight, cotton/spandex blend, our pinwale corduroy collection delivers a buttery touch and that coveted fall texture without the weight.

Choose among two versatile silhouettes in rich fall colors.

Vintage-Inspired Fashion with a Modern Twist

Corduroy is a staple fabric that exudes vintage flair and modern versatility. Our collection features an array of corduroy trousers, skirts, and even jeans that resonate with casual elegance. Each piece, from the slim silhouettes to the classic wide-leg flares, offers a comfortable fit and a touch of nostalgic fashion.

The Perfect Corduroy Fit for Every Woman

At Foxcroft, we believe in celebrating every woman's unique shape. Our corduroy pieces come with thoughtful details like adjustable waists, practical pockets, and various closures to ensure a perfect fit. Designed for the modern woman, our corduroy trousers and skirts are essentials for creating sophisticated, laid-back looks.

Versatile Corduroy for Every Occasion

Whether you're curating an outfit for a casual day out or assembling a chic ensemble for the office, corduroy is your go-to fabric. Our women's tops pair beautifully with the textured finesse of corduroy, while our sweaters offer a cozy layer to complement the look.

Corduroy: A Celebration of Style and Comfort

Explore the diverse range of Foxcroft's corduroy collection, where fashion meets function. From the sleek appeal of our slim-fit designs to the relaxed charm of our wide-leg options, there's a style for every preference. Ladies, it's time to embrace the unique blend of comfort and chic that only corduroy can offer.

Rediscover the joy of corduroy with Foxcroft, where every thread is woven with quality and every design speaks of effortless style. It's more than just fabric; it's a fashion statement that stands the test of time.

Easy Care

Our no iron technology gives you high-quality style, without the fuss.