Charlie No Iron Leopard Print Shirt
As breathtaking as catching a glimpse of a leopard through the trees, this captivating no iron shirt exudes perfection in beauty and form. The partially hidden placket and collar deliver an eye-catching neutral contrast.
Sophia No Iron Leopard Print Popover
A sleek y-neckline and bold leopard print set this no iron popover apart from the pack. Effortlessly polished dawn to dusk, it never loses its focus, from the sweeping johnny collar to the solid contrast on the flip cuff.
Charlie No Iron Cheetah Shirt

The crisp, classic shirt every woman needs, with a wild side. Seizing the day with an oversize cheetah print, this non-iron comes with a rounded hem that lets you go untucked and remain impeccably polished, with a petite contrast print to set the neutral tone.

Haven Leopard Tencel Shirt

At first glance, you might miss that this cheetah print shirt is much more than perfectly tailored. It's also buttery soft thanks to garment-washed Tencel® that delivers a luxurious drape.

Smocked Wild Cheetah Blouse

This leopard-print non-iron shirt is full of wistful thinking with its smocked body and cuffs that accent in just the right places, billowy bloused sleeves, and slight square, gathered neckline to top of its elegant lines.

Leopard Flowers Non-Iron Tunic

This non-iron shirt brings out your wild side while always keeping the wrinkles tamed. Its wing collar and leopard floral print are sure to be spotted out on the town.

Luxe Leopard Non-Iron Tunic

When it comes to smart style, this non-iron tunic is spot-on. Crisp no maintenance functionality in disguise, its subtle leopard print throws them off the hunt.

Luxe Leopard Non-Iron Dress

Self-sufficiency is one of your strengths, so this non-iron dress fits right in, staying crisp and smooth, styled just-so with a self-tie sash, with a subtle leopard print that’s a feast for the eyes.

Sophia Plus No Iron Leopard Print Popover
This plus size popover never loses its bold and polished beauty,  just like a leopard never loses its spots. Effortlessly smooth, its soft no iron blend print makes that first impression, contrasted by the flip-up cuff.
Charlie Plus No Iron Leopard Print Shirt
Like the magic of glimpsing an animal in the wild, this three-quarter sleeve mesmerizes with its leopard print offset by contrasting neutral details at the collar and placket. Effortless no iron keeps the wrinkles tamed, while the flattering hi-lo hem sets your untucked look free.
Charlie Plus No Iron Cheetah Shirt
Let’s get this safari started! This plus size shirt lets you wear the classic, crisp oxford look untucked, while energizing with its cheetah print and contrasting petite print on the placket. Go as wild as you like, because this non-iron never needs an iron, ready to pounce right out of the dryer.
Plus Luxe Leopard Non-Iron Dress

This plus size dress follows your fashion instincts, its non-iron leopard print keeping an impeccably smooth profile without the work, accented with your personal touch thanks to a self-tie sash.

Plus Luxe Leopard Non-Iron Tunic

Spot-on perfection, this plus size tunic camouflages its maintenance-free ease with a demure leopard print, ready to go untucked while taming the wrinkles all day long.


Easy Care

Our non-iron technology gives you high-quality style, without the fuss.