Boyfriend Pinpoint No Iron Ombre Stripe Tunic
Glorious colors let this ombre-striped boyfriend shirt’s spring spirit shine through. Perfect as a light layer, this impeccable non-iron stays true to form with its casual guy fit that goes well with jeans and a latte.
Taylor Pinpoint No Iron Ombre Stripe Shirt
Oh, my, ombre! This no-iron striped pinpoint is a feast for the eyes with its delicious tonal multicolor play. Double darts deliver a classic fitted look, polished yet feminine with an open neckline and elegant covered placket.
Taylor Plus Pinpoint No Iron Ombre Stripe Shirt
An homage to the beauty of ombre, this non-iron shirt makes bold and colorful visual impact, translating classic style into unforgettable. Its exquisitely tailored plus size shape comes from double darts, an open neckline and covered placket.
Boyfriend Plus Pinpoint No Iron Ombre Stripe Tunic
As radiant as a rainbow after a spring rain, this plus size boyfriend brings bold and colorful ombre stripes to your favorite casual silhouette. Wash-and-wear, no wrinkles ease makes it the perfect weekend getaway wear.

Easy Care

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