Sophia No Iron Lurex Tartan Popover

With a subtle sheen like glistening from the tree, our Sophia non-iron popover tartan shirt infuses a little metallic yarn into its festive mix. A sweeping johnny collar neckline sets a lovely stage for your favorite necklace.

Mia No Iron Tartan Plaid Popover

A festive pairing with denim or black, this plaid popover has some fun with ruffles at the stand-up collar and cuffs and cozy pockets on the side. Always effortless and flawless, its non-iron nature means more time for you to make the rounds thanks to its wash and wear ease!

Mia No Iron Lurex Stripe Popover

For festive occasions, this non-iron popover’s cuffs and stand-up collar are gathered with care, but it takes only a simple wash and dry from you. A non-iron shirt with a little more up its sleeve, it infuses a subtle glint of gold from Lurex, and adds cozy on-seam pockets.

Olivia No Iron Blackwatch Tartan Shirt

Bring some romance effortlessly into the holiday flow with this blouse’s beautiful drape. Voluminous, soft non-iron tartan gathers elegantly at the smocked cuffs that you can push up or down for a custom look, with feminine shirring in the back for lasting impressions.

Boyfriend No Iron Tartan Plaid Tunic

A laid-back silhouette perfect for decompressing after a long week, this non-iron boyfriend shirt styles the season with its classic tartan plaid and a casual fit perfect over comfy leggings and a cup of coffee. A bias-cut chest pocket adds authenticity to the guys’ look, and no maintenance required.

Rocca No Iron Tartan Plaid Dress

Tartan plaid wrapped into a shirt dress of perfection, this non-iron shirt dress is a cozy, festive, and flawless package for the holiday season, complete with a self-tie waist and the gift of no maintenance.

Joyce No Iron Lurex Tartan Shirt

The epitome of effortless beauty, this chic piece boasts elegantly gathered sleeves that flow to a tastefully understated puff at the double button cuff. Shimmering metallic yarn lends a subtle sparkle to this tartan shirt, enhancing its charm. Pair with black slacks for a sophisticated air, and dark denim for a casual yet stylish look. 

Charlie No Iron Buffalo Plaid Shirt

This non-iron buffalo plaid brings a little something extra to the party, layering mini-stripes into its classic pattern for a casual, but flawless nod to eggnog season. Roll up the sleeves and wear this shirt untucked without a hitch thanks to its flattering hi-lo hem.

Pandora No Iron Buffalo Plaid Tunic

Look closer into this classic buffalo plaid tunic’s pattern, and mini-stripes are what make it even more special. Its richly colored, chunky pattern is a perfect backdrop for this non-iron’s sweeping wing collar, shell buttons and beautiful, flawless flow, thanks to side gussets and slight hi-lo hem.

Mary No Iron Lurex Stripe Shirt

A little golden glitter hints at this v-striped non-iron shirt’s holiday spirit. Made with a modern blend that feels soft and easy, our popular, elegant Mary silhouette adds a little luster to its striped pattern thanks to an infusion of metallic Lurex® yarn. 

Tartan Detail Pinpoint Non-Iron Shirt

This non-iron tunic highlights the season’s festive colors against a backdrop as crisp as new snow. Contrasting tartan plaid side panels and cuff and a hi-lo hem add the holiday trim.

Ruffle Cuff Tartan Non-Iron Shirt

Trimmed with pleated, ruffle cuffs, this non-iron tunic carries the spirit of the season beautifully with its classic seasonal colors and petite tartan plaid, perfectly suited to festive parties.

Layered Combo Tartan Sweater

Double the impact with this two-fer sweater that combines its criss-crossed patterned knit body with a non-iron shirttail hem that gives you the layered look you love, minus the bulk.

Cici Non-Iron Toasted Tartan Tunic

‘Tis the season for our most popular non-iron tunic to feature this festive tartan plaid, flawlessly smooth, on-seam pockets for a place to tuck your hands.

Ava Non-Iron Holiday Plaid Shirt

A nod to one of Winter’s classic patterns, this wrinkle-free shirt pops with a seasonal tartan plaid print and keeps your look polished with bust darts and a hidden placket.

Holiday Plaid Non-Iron Dress

This non-iron shirt dress wraps tartan plaid into a cozy, festive, and flawless package for the holiday season, complete with a self-tie waist and the gift of no maintenance.

Rhea Brushed Scotch Plaid Shirt

Perfect for hot toddies around the fire and holiday festivities, this tartan shirt gives you lots to celebrate with its cheery plaid and soft, cozy cotton/rayon blend.

Plus Layered Combo Tartan Sweater

Lose the bulk while getting the layered look you love with this plus size two-fer sweater, combining a criss-cross knit pattern on the body with a built-in non-iron shirttail hem.

Sophia Plus No Iron Lurex Tartan Popover

The slight metallic shimmer of this plus size tartan popover suits it perfectly to festive occasions. Effortlessly smooth, its soft no iron blend flows from its elegant y neckline.

Mia Plus No Iron Lurex Stripe Popover

The cuff and collar were gathered with care, and this popover shirt was ready, with flair. This plus size shirt was made for celebrating.  Infused with metallic sheen from Lurex thread, all this non-iron needs for its effortlessly smooth finish needs is a wash and dry.

Mia Plus No Iron Tartan Plaid Popover

Get into the holiday spirit with this plus size plaid popover, a perfect match for your favorite denim or sleek black pants. A playful touch comes from the ruffles at the stand-up collar and cuffs, while convenient side pockets keep the feeling cozy. Effortless and always on point, this non-iron is hassle-free experience, giving you more time to enjoy the festivities.

Olivia Plus No Iron Blackwatch Tartan Shirt

Voluminous and flowing in festive tartan, this plus size blouse will have you looking and feeling your best through the busy holiday season! Customize your blousy look with the smocked cuffs.

Soft non-iron fabric creates a romantic air, shirred in the back for a beautiful drape. 

Boyfriend Plus No Iron Tartan Plaid Tunic

Bring the boys look back for the holidays with this plus size tartan plaid boyfriend. Replete with the bias-cut chest pocket, this casual fit, laid back silhouette is a perfect pairing with leggings and good conversation, which you’ll have more time for thanks to this shirt’s no maintenance non-iron ease.

Rocca Plus No Iron Tartan Plaid Dress

A non-iron shirt dress in tartan plaid, tied up with a self-tie sash. That’s a gift in itself! Flawless, no maintenance and festive, this plus size is perfection for holiday parties and present-wrapping. 

Joyce Plus No Iron Lurex Tartan Shirt

Subtle sparkle and feminine flair add to this plus size tartan shirt’s festive air. With metallic sheen subtly woven throughout its colors, this no iron makes an effortless, flowing statement with its gathered sleeves and slight puff at the double button cuff.

Charlie Plus No Iron Buffalo Plaid Shirt

Make a statement at your next gathering with this plus size buffalo plaid shirt, adding a special twist to a timeless pattern with subtle mini-stripes. You can roll up the sleeves and wear it untucked effortlessly, thanks to its soft, non-iron fabric that flows to a flattering hi-lo hem.

Pandora Plus No Iron Buffalo Plaid Tunic

Take a closer look at this timeless buffalo plaid tunic and discover its subtle yet captivating mini-stripes. The rich and chunky pattern sets the stage for the tunic's impeccable design, featuring a sweeping wing collar, elegant shell buttons, and a flawless flow accentuated by side gussets and a slight hi-lo hem.

Plus Holiday Plaid Non-Iron Dress

Flawless, no maintenance and festive, all tied together, this non-iron shirt dress with a self-tie waist is the gift that keeps on giving for holiday parties and present-wrapping.

Plus Ruffle Cuff Tartan Non-Iron Shirt

The pleated, ruffle cuffs of this plus size tunic are perfect for embracing the season, paired with festive colors and a classic petite tartan plaid, there’s a lot to celebrate!

Mary Plus No Iron Lurex Stripe Shirt

To celebrate the season of glimmer and festivity, this plus size non-iron shirt shows its holiday spirit in its stripes with a glint of metallic Lurex®. Showcased by its dynamic v pattern and y-neck, the ever-elegant Mary silhouette always lets you shine.

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