Boyfriend No Iron Paisley Tunic

Embrace the oversized allure of the boyfriend silhouette, exuding a relaxed fit that's effortlessly chic. The allover print features a painterly large-scale paisley design, enriched with a medley of vibrant colors against a creamy ground. This tunic redefines laid-back sophistication, ensuring you make a statement while maintaining an air of casual elegance.

Boyfriend Crinkle Stripe Combo Tunic

Print party! This lively boyfriend shirt adds an artsy feel to its casual silhouette. The organic feeling, easy-care crinkle texture comes out to play in cooler tones, mixing vertical stripes on the front with a fun gingham print in the back. 

Boyfriend Stretch No Iron Tunic

Whether you prefer to size down for a more tailored look or opt for a looser one, the roomier fit of this boyfriend shirt showcases how women can effortlessly translate the men's classic look to confident, casual style. No iron or working overtime required.

Boyfriend Non-Iron Croc Jacquard Tunic

Crafted from luxurious fabric with an allover crocodile jacquard pattern, this women’s non-iron tunic is captivating blend of relaxed sophistication and comfort. The fit draws inspiration from classic boyfriend shirts, offering a slightly oversized yet timeless look. Effortlessly chic and comfortable, this non-iron tunic elevates your style with casual luxury.

Boyfriend Pinpoint Non-Iron Tunic

Borrow the shirt from the boys, and then finesse that laid-back look with the smooth polish of flawless non-iron. A box pleat in back gives it guy authenticity while flattering the feminine.

Boyfriend No Iron Multi Check Jacquard Tunic

With an elegant take on pattern play, this tunic showcases two distinct white-on-white jacquard checks, each with its own unique sheen and texture. The no-iron convenience and relaxed fit ensures effortless sophistication, allowing you to transition seamlessly from day to night.

Boyfriend Non-Iron Railroad Stripe Shirt

Eye-catching stripe mash-ups and an easygoing fit make this railroad stripe boyfriend shirt a fun play on the boys’ work shirt! A flawless, smooth finish and box pleat set the stage for this effortless non-iron silhouette, mixing its stripes’ directions and style on both the front and back. 

Boyfriend Cozy Tartan Tunic

There are some things we can thank the boys for, like this tartan’s loose, casual look that repurposes the work shirt for weekends and walking around the corner for coffee.

Boyfriend Non-Iron Femme Stripe Tunic

The boyfriend’s back, and it’s gonna be no trouble. A Foxcroft version of the laid-back boys’ look, this striped non-iron shirt weaves tons of comfy stretch into its no maintenance persona.

Boyfriend No Iron Ikat Patchwork Tunic

This no-iron tunic is a fusion of modern design and effortless care, with the artistry of ikat prints and the convenience of a wrinkle-free fabric. This oversized button down showcases a captivating patchwork of distinct ikat patterns on a sleek black canvas, enriched with hints of refreshing green and white. The boyfriend-inspired silhouette adds a relaxed touch, making it a versatile choice for your fall transition.

Boyfriend Tencel® Dotted Tiles Tunic

Buttery Tencel in a looser-fitting boyfriend body, this denim-like shirt was born for art fairs and adventures when you want to look your best—yet feel laid back. Undeniable quality comes from the tasteful mosaic tile print and horn buttons.

Boyfriend No Iron Watercolor Stripe Tunic

This Boyfriend has fusion of relaxed charm and nature-inspired allure. The laid-back appeal of the boyfriend silhouette is all in the relaxed fit that's both comfortable and effortlessly stylish. The watercolor stripe print captures the vibrant hues of fall, bringing a touch of the outdoors to your wardrobe. Embrace the changing seasons in style with this expressive button-down tunic.

Boyfriend Non-Iron Soho Stripe Tunic

Guy meets girl with this non-iron shirt. A laid-back, looser fit and box pleat deliver the borrowed-from-the-boys look, the dreamy stretch, saturated stripes, and simple care appeal to your feminine sensibilities.

Boyfriend Pinpoint Non-Iron Colorblock Tunic

Why do we love boyfriend shirts? Let us count the ways, this non-iron plays with the perfection of the guys’ oxford look, adding multi-color pops and a looser look to strike the perfect balance between crisp and casual.

Boyfriend Non-Iron Summer Ikat Tunic

The beauty of a boyfriend shirt is that the fit is always ladies’ choice. Sized up or down, leaner or looser, the invigorating ikat print on this three-quarter sleeve makes a statement that shows those ladies also know how to upstyle the classic look from the boys.

Boyfriend Plus No Iron Paisley Tunic

A celebration of relaxed comfort and vibrant style, this plus size tunic is designed with a large-scale paisley design, adorned with a burst of colors against a creamy ground. Embrace the slightly oversized allure of the boyfriend silhouette, offering a relaxed fit that's both comfortable and chic. This button-down tunic redefines laid-back sophistication, ensuring you shine with effortless elegance and a touch of flair.

Boyfriend Plus Non-Iron Railroad Stripe Shirt
The fun stripe mash-ups on this boyfriend shirt play on the railroad theme, but this plus size non-iron is anything but work! Effortless care adds to this looser fitting style’s ease and energy, created by different directions and stripes on the back.
Boyfriend Plus Crinkle Stripe Combo Tunic

Striped and gingham prints come to play on this delightful crinkle popover shirt. Plus size, it creates an artsy, organic aura with its lively texture, mixing stripe patterns and placing a fun gingham panel on the back. A playful johnny collar complements the flattering y-neckline. 

Boyfriend Plus No Iron Multi Check Jacquard Tunic

This plus size tunic is a celebration of contrast and comfort, featuring two distinct white-on-white jacquard patterns for a subtle pattern play on a sheeny cotton dobby that resists wrinkles from day to night. Embrace the relaxed allure of the boyfriend silhouette, designed to be oversized.

Boyfriend Plus Stretch No Iron Tunic

Equalizing a men’s style for women, this non-iron boyfriend shirt translates beautifully to an effortless, impeccable casual look. Plus size, its stretch cotton blend feels dreamily soft and stays wrinkle free, saving your time for fun, not the dry cleaner. Size down for a more tailored look.

Boyfriend Plus Non-Iron Croc Jacquard Tunic

This captivating plus size tunic seamlessly blends relaxed sophistication with comfort. Crafted in a non-iron cotton blend with an allover crocodile jacquard pattern, it exudes casual luxury with a subtle sheen. Effortlessly chic, the Boyfriend has a slightly oversized fit that’s a perfect blend of cool and classic.

Boyfriend Plus Stretch Non-Iron Stripe Tunic

This boyfriend will be no trouble at all. Elevating the favorite look from the boys, this plus size non-iron striped shirt keeps maintenance to a bare minimum, and comes with tons of comfy stretch.

Boyfriend Plus No Iron Watercolor Stripe Tunic

This plus size tunic is celebration of comfort and nature's palette. Embrace the of-the-moment oversized fit of the boyfriend silhouette. The watercolor stripe print shows a symphony of fall-inspired colors, infusing your look with the beauty of the outdoors. The Boyfriend is an essential addition to your autumn wardrobe.

Boyfriend Plus No Iron Ikat Patchwork Tunic

This plus size no-iron tunic boasts an eclectic patchwork of distinct ikat patterns on a sleek black canvas, adorned with hints of bold green and white. Revel in the artistry of the ikat prints while enjoying the convenience of a wrinkle-free fabric. The plus-size boyfriend-inspired silhouette offers a relaxed look, ensuring comfort and style in equal measure.

Boyfriend Plus Pinpoint Non-Iron Tunic

Following the guys’ work shirt lead, this plus size boyfriend shirt delivers that delicious balance between the flawlessly smooth formality of a non-iron oxford and loosened-up look with rounded hem for a feminine, untucked touch.

Boyfriend Plus Non-Iron Soho Stripe Tunic

This plus size shirt borrows from the boys, and then finesses that laid-back look with petite, tonal and tasteful stripes, and the smooth polish of flawless non-iron, complete with a box pleat in back gives for oxford authenticity.

Boyfriend Plus Pinpoint Non-Iron Colorblock Tunic

There are multiple reasons to covet this borrowed-from-the-boys oxford shirt look. This plus size non-iron feels laid back with its looser fit, stays smooth like any respectable work shirt should, and then plays with the paradigm with its multi-color paneling.

Boyfriend Plus Non-Iron Summer Ikat Tunic

The ultimate beauty of this plus size looser-cut boyfriend shirt is the layers of possibilities it presents. Choose your fit from lean to loose, and then have some fun with the playful, bright, and bold ikat print that makes it clear it’s ladies first.


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