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Pinpoint Non-Iron

Petite Non-Iron Shirts

Pinpoint Non-Iron
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Non-iron shirts and blouses are Foxcroft’s foundation. Decades ago, we saw the evolution of career women who needed a work shirt tailored specifically to them, yet delivered the same flawless no wrinkle, no iron performance typical of the traditional men’s pinpoint oxford button down shirt. We knew there was a way to uniquely define and refine shirts and blouses for petite women, misses size women as well as plus size, because modern working women are not one size fits all. These are women who need a petite shirt that’s a formal buttondown at the office all day, and can transition to after-work activities, which can include dinners with clients, or fitting in shopping before picking up kids from practice. Or, maybe they are on the road all week, hopping from plane to plane, and don’t have time to wash and dry before rushing to meetings. 

Our petite non-iron shirts meet the needs of today’s modern women who do it all every day. We offer our non-iron shirts in a range of Foxcroft Fits for petite women to tailor to the occasion, creating more options for your outfits. Available in a range of colors, our petite non-iron shirts let you curate a collection of no maintenance tops that you can add to each season. From Summer to Winter, you can find petite Foxcroft non-iron clothes in a new palette of colors, captivating florals, prints and textures.

Committed to making petite blouses and shirts with comfort of cotton, Foxcroft no iron petite tops deliver a classic look and feel for work while being easy to wear, even relaxed shirts fit for weekend getaways. Non-iron blouses and shirts can do both without a wrinkle. Go from a long day at the office to meeting friends in the country and never have to worry about changing your no iron top. With so many petite styles to choose from, our non-iron performance leads the industry by setting a new standard in looking your best while keeping things simple. These no iron blouses are built to endure wash after wash while still retaining their smooth appearance, but also don’t feel like cardboard as many petite non-iron collared shirts can. We also play with sleeves, seams, necklines and other details to flatter women’s figures and make a fashion statement, from plus women to petite size women. If you’re looking a non-iron shirt with even more ease, our ultra-comfortable stretch non-iron shirts feel soft and stay smooth. Plus, petite shirts with a three-quarter sleeve can pop with a contrast print or color on the flip cuff. Shaped seams on our petite no iron shirts add polish to your profile with ease, and fitted tops for work keep your look crisp, especially when paired under a comfortable cotton Foxcroft jacket or cardigan. Whether it’s a bright collared shirt from our White Shirt Shop or a seasonal print blouse from our Petite New Arrivals Collection, each no iron shirt adds versatility to your evolving wardrobe. 

Find deals on petite non-iron shirts On-Sale section, where you can often find petite gingham plaid shirts or other Foxcroft non-iron shirts like our Mary shirt, an evergreen style that’s always available in many colors and striped no iron shirt styles. We also offer On-Line Exclusives for petite women’s size that give you unique non-iron shirts that will set you apart for work and play, fundraising events to fun escapes with best friends. However you choose and coordinate your Foxcroft clothes, you’ll make an impression that’s a signature of Foxcroft women who know premium quality and taste.

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