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Non-Iron Prints

Petite Size Wrinkle-Free Blouses & Shirts

Non-Iron Prints
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When it’s a Foxcroft shirt, non-iron performance means it’s easy care. By simply washing and drying, petite size women can count on a fabric that resists creasing. We use texture or signature patterns as one way to disguises potential, subtle wrinkles that might come from packing it in your bag for a trip, or wearing it all day at the office, and also choose fabrics for petite shirts and blouses that have a certain flowing ease to them.

Our design team spends countless, painstaking hours selecting these fabrics and striking patterns so that they meet our–and your–highest standards. To ensure our non-iron shirts meet women’s expectations, we do extensive wash and wear testing, checking to make sure colors don’t fade, patterns keep their pop, and fabrics keep their polish. Petite shirts in a crinkle fabric are a great example of how you can stay Foxcroft flawless, feel good, and have wash-and-go functionality. Shirts made with crinkle fabric have a decadent texture that’s well-suited to concealing wrinkles from the day or night, and they also feel so comfortable! Most of these wrinkle-free shirts for petite women also feel soft, and pair elegantly with Foxcroft pants like our Refine and Define denim jeans or leggings, whether you’re dressing up for a party or dressing down for a casual coffee with friends. Any Foxcroft petite top you choose, you can count on it being a topic of conversation. 

When you want a petite shirt that’s flawlessly smooth with our most advanced non-iron performance, Foxcroft no iron shirts use the most cutting-edge non-iron technology in the industry to make the best non-iron shirts in addition to our wrinkle free shirts. Since we’ve been crafting the iconic non-iron button down oxford shirt for decades, we apply our experience and expertise to create non iron shirts for petite women that not only stay smooth, they don’t feel like cardboard. We put our wrinkle free petite blouses and shirts through rigorous testing to ensure they stand up to regular washing to retain their polished finish, from the first load to the thirtieth, and beyond. If you’re looking for that flawlessly smooth finish, our revolutionary pinpoint non-iron shirts deliver that impeccable, lasting perfection, while also feeling decadently soft. Never stiff, always comfortable. Of course, we believe wrinkle free shirts are anything but boring. We take performance and play with it, creating wrinkle free styles that give your versatility to dress up or down, and petite collared button down shirts with a relaxed fit.  We design our petite wrinkle-free collection, a fitted button-down to navigate the office for work, a pullover tunic for going out of town on business or a flowing blouse to host a charity benefit. Wherever you go, you’ll be a picture of no maintenance perfection. 

If you’re looking for misses or plus size wrinkle-free clothes, we offer most styles in these sizes so that every woman has a fit that makes her Foxcroft fabulous. Find a complement to your wrinkle-free shirt with an effortless sweater or cardigan that highlights the latest fashion trends. Following fashion is our passion, and you can always see our latest Foxcroft picks in our Petite New Arrivals. Viva wrinkle-free simplicity!

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